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US Open Fantasy provides you with an immersive fantasy cricket experience. Liberty to Create Your Own Team, Exciting Matches 24x7, Big Cash Prizes

Liberty to Create Your Own Team

One of the best things about fantasy cricket is the liberty to select your own team by picking the best players. You can use your knowledge of the sport and players’ form to create the best team and watch them win a match. Besides, it will also keep you from the frustration of watching the on-field performance of players that you didn’t choose.


Exciting Matches 24x7

Howzat provides you with an immersive fantasy cricket experience. We offer exciting matches 24x7. So don’t wait anymore. Register with us and engage in the most lively matches on Howzat.


Big Cash Prizes

Fantasy cricket games are wildly entertaining. If that wasn’t enough, Howzat gives away big cash prizes too! You can play fantasy cricket and win cash every day on Howzat. It will not only amp up your gaming excitement but also bring a sense of achievement. Make sure to understand the fantasy cricket scoring system and brush up on your skills before playing cash games.