Who We Are?

Sports and Fantasies are two words that describe the spirit of our company. We are a website that offers a place for true cricket fans a chance to fulfil their cricket fantasy. Our aim is to boost the skillset of our users to play fantasy games in a 100% completely secured environment.

US Open Fantasy is the United States of America fastest growing fantasy sports website, developed for sports fans, particularly for the cricket fans of USA We believe that fantasy cricket is not only a chance for our users to earn enormous cash prizes but also make watching the matches with twice the level of excitement.

Founded in 2020 , US Open Fantasy mission is to offer fun and be India’s most trusted fantasy sports platform, and we are just at the start of our wonderful journey.

US Open Fantasy is owned and operated by T20 Sports LLC. UOF is constantly improving the quality of the offerings and the range of services, which has resulted in UOF evolving into a well-known brand in a short time-span.

Join US Open and enjoy online cricket at your fantasy destination.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

We all love cricket, don’t we? It is the most popular game in USA. Be it a T20 series or the US Open T20 League, every match keeps you on the edge of your seat. The inclusion of fantasy cricket has only added to the suspense and thrill.

So what is fantasy cricket? It is a sports game that requires you to select your own dream team of 11 players from the two teams that are going to play a real cricket match in the real world. When the game begins, you get points based on the performance of the players on your team in the real-match. Points are awarded on the basis of runs scored, wickets taken, catches taken, stumping’s done, run-outs affected, etc. by the players.

To join a fantasy cricket league, you need to select a match and create a team of 11 players including batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders. Then you must select a captain and a vice captain for your team.

What makes fantasy cricket so interesting? Why has it become so popular with cricket lovers? Here are some of the reasons for the skyrocketing popularity of fantasy cricket.